These are the computer-related projects that I have worked on. If you would like to negotiate me working on a project for you, please email me.

Current Projects

SkillCapture: This is a website I am working on to help facilitate virtual teams and collaboration.

CougarPads: This website is designed to be a craigslist for housing contracts. It allows users to filter contracts by certain criteria.

Celiac Club: This is a website I am working on with Jared to sell gluten-free foods. It's on hold for now. This is a photo sharing site I decided to do for fun to learn about MVC. It is being done in Code Igniter. It's kind of on the backburner--until I find a niche to market to--kinda backwards, huh?

Mark The Dark: Mark The Dark is a community for light graffiti makers. Light graffiti is a technique where you use lights to "draw" on a photo. The main code is built off of the code I wrote for chimpt, but I will be adding additional community features.

Past Projects

Island Learning Solutions: This website was designed as an informational site, also allowing the purchase of an autism planner. I am no longer maintaining this website.

Easiest Math Ever: The main task of this project is to create a clean website that houses information about the Easiest Math Ever programs, provides an interface to complete secure credit card transactions online, and also allows tutorial scheduling. I am no longer maintaining the site.

The Honors Program: The goal of this project was to provide a simple, user-friendly website to sell honor cords. In addition to the front-end, an organized back-end to manage orders was required. Diana Yu did the graphics and design of this project and I did the programming. This project was based off of the open-source oscommerce package. This project was completed in May 2006 and I am still maintaining it.

HP intern project 2003: Completed in the summer of 2003. The goal of this project was to automate the build process, acceptance testing, and daily backups for my team. The large size of this project necessitated parallel development with Michelle Cua. This project was written mainly in Perl and Windows batch files and it defines the entire automation environment. website: Completed in September of 2003. This is a small website I designed for my aunt. The main focus of this project was to provide a showcase for her work and make maintenance of the site quick and simple.

HP intern project 2002: Completed in the summer of 2002. Technologies needed for this project were MFC/C++, 802.3, 802.11b, and various authentication protocols.

Center High School Website: Completed on August 5, 2002, I designed the Center High School website. For this site, strong emphasis was placed on universal accessibility across configurations, high automation in content management, and neat, professional appearance. I no longer maintain this website.

Cisco Threaded Case Study: Completed on May 15, 2002, this was the concluding project for my Cisco Certified Network Administrator training class. I worked with Erin Baccay, Parris Bass, Navneet Riar, and Valerie Vinco. The task was to take an imaginary map and design the most efficient and expandable network with given guidelines.

Center High School Publications Website: Completed in November of 2000, I created design for the CHS publications site and updated it with the latest news articles each month. This website design was terminated in October of 2001. It is no longer online.