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The Washington School District is in the process of implementing an enterprise-wide network that will include Local Area Networks (LANs) at each site and a Wide Area Network (WAN) to provide data connectivity between all school sites.

Access to the Internet from any site in the school district is also an integral part of this implementation. Once the network is in place, the school district will implement a series of servers to facilitate online automation of the entire district's administrative and many of the curricular functions.

Since this network implementation will have to continue to be functional for a minimum of 7-10 years, all design considerations should include a minimum of 100x (times) growth in the LAN throughput, 2x (times) growth in the WAN core throughput, and 10x (times) growth in the District Internet Connection throughput. The minimum requirement for initial implementation design will be 1.0 Mbps to any host computer in the network and 100 Mbps to any server host in the network. Only two OSI layer 3&4 protocols will be implemented in this network, they are TCP/IP and Novell IPX.

Team Penvee has undertaken the mission of developing the Mountain Sky School Local Area Network (LAN) and connecting it to the WAN. During development, maintenance, security, internet connectivity, and scalability will be addressed.